Thursday, April 6, 2017

Irrigation Renovation Update 4-6-17

Well, we are in the home stretch, although there is still a lot of work to be done.  The guys with Nutt Construction have done a great job with a monster of an install job.  They have been flushing out the lines for the last two weeks.  This has to be done to remove the debris from the interior of the lines.  This could be dirt rock or PVC shavings that somehow got in the pipes and could stop up a head when it tries to go from ON to OFF.  They were flushing out the Turf Nursery Area and the res/com system around the club grounds today and those were the last two areas to flush. 
I have been running water for about a week now.  I am trying to find bugs in the system, test capabilities and find programming thresholds and faults.  Every morning I am riding the course looking for weeping heads, heads that are stuck on or other anomalies that may have taken place from the night previous.  Hopefully the punch list made each morning will diminish with time.  I have heard from some residents about sprinklers hitting decks or patios.  If you have one of these issues please contact me and let me know.  I will not get to see every one of the 1,700 heads run.  I have moved our watering times to 10:00 PM so there will be less likelihood of something hitting a deck when you might be eating dinner.  I have had programs running at 7:00 PM and 6:00 AM so that I can see or get feedback on the process but it is time to put them on in the dark. 
The parking lot is starting to get vacated just in time for tournament season.  We still have a lot of pipe to get out and some other items.  Thank you to the neighbors who were very patient with us while we stopped traffic to load the Semi trucks on Calumet Trace with equipment, you were very patient with us. 
While the project is winding down there is still a lot to do.  there are a lot of areas that have been torn up and need to be repaired.  We have been re seeding areas this week and are waiting on some sod to come in any day now.  We will still have a small construction crew here for another 3-4 weeks cleaning up and helping fix scars and smoothing out rough areas.
Once again, Thank You to Nutt Construction, Aqua Turf International Consulting, Rainbird Golf Products, Keeling Co., Ole South Excavation, the Residents of Indian Hills Subdivision and All of our golfers.  

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