Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stump Removal

As you know from Playing the course or my previous posts on the blog we have removed a substantial amount of trees from the golf course for various reasons.  I'm not going back into the reasoning for removing the trees that was a different post.  The last part of the job was removing the stumps that were left behind.  The options were to dig them out with a loader and then fill in a large coarse hole on the course, or have someone come in and grind them up for us and leave a nice little compact hole to repair.  We removed about 35 stumps yesterday and got them all covered back up today. 
We used a company by the name of Stump Pro out of Jackson, TN.  The owner Shawn Westacott is the golf course superintendent at Jackson Country Club.  He did a great job.  The only problem was that I forgot 1 stump on #9 that was covered by a pile of wood.  So, we missed one.