Monday, January 20, 2014

Roundup Application

Some of you may have noticed the blue/green dye around the greens and in the club grounds.  This is a dye indicator that shows where our chemical application was made with the spray hawk bordering the greens.  We used the dye this year to try to make us more efficient this winter.  When we spray with the standard spray rigs we use foam marker to show where we have gone.  20 min later the foam is gone and no one knows that we were ever there.  The Spray Hawk device does not have a foam marker there fore we cannot see where we sprayed chemical very well.  We added the dye this year to reduce overlapping of chemical and missed areas in between passes.  I think that it really made the operation much more smooth.  The operators doing the spraying loved it.  I am still not loving the color left behind but I am a fan of the process being more efficient.

Coincidentally,  If you do have a yard that is Bermudagrass or are looking to start the process of cleaning up the weeds in your yard now is the time to make that roundup application.  You have through February to finish this task. 


Just an update for those of you who are interested in Indian Hills information or golf course agronomy information.  I have recently discovered the world of Twitter.  I love getting my news feeds there;  I also get a lot of different industry news there.  I am trying to put out additional information concerning golf course agronomy or Indian Hills information.  So, if you are interested in that kind of thing you can follow me @BradMarcy on Twitter.