Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Items on the Course

With the extremely cold and wet weather we have had so far this year, we have had plenty of time to work inside on some items to make the course look a little better.
We made new O.B. stakes for the front 9 out of the old range net posts. They are clearly visible at 3' tall and 4" wide. They will be much more durable than the old 1" PVC and painted Grade Stakes. The Idea is to have the course marked more clearly with a product that we do not have to intensely maintain. I am hoping that we will be able to get to work on the back 9 stakes soon.
We have also made new Tee Markers. I wanted something that would reflect the course at every Tee. The old 4X4 blocks did not. We cut out an arrow head shape out of recycled plastic decking material, painted them and put a stake in the base. Hopefully, this will add to the character of the course.
We have also been working on new water cooler stations that we will put out in the spring. The old ones were permanently fixed on the course. They were rotting and falling apart from the continued exposure to the elements. The new ones are less intrusive, and movable. We can take them off the course and store them inside when they are not needed to prolong their lifespan.