Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Irrigation Renovation Update March 8th

 Currently all irrigation has been installed on the playing surface of the golf course.  Hole #7 was the last hole to be installed and that was completed on Friday.  The driving range was completed Sunday and back open for play on Monday.
There are only 2 areas left to irrigate.  The club grounds with a res/com system and the nursery area which is about the size of a par 4. The nursery area runs parallel #2 on the other side of the rail road tracks. Apparently this area was once intended to be part of the course but for one reason or another it was abandoned.  It has been a bone yard or a dumping ground for the last 30 years. The whole thing was an over grown cedar thicket.  So we had it cleared out with a grinding machine. We found that there had been some clearing and shaping that took place somewhere in the past.  Piles of boulders and piles of quality tee soil piled up in areas. It was really pretty cool to uncover. I would love to eventually have a full sod nursery with An acre of bent, fescue, bermuda, and zoysia at some point in the future.
The pump is in place and the pump house is dried in.  Brick is scheduled for the exterior on Monday and the electricity will hopefully be run this week.  Would love to be blowing out installed lines in a week.
We have some cleanup still going on on the front nine. I would hope to get all 18 holes back open for play on next Saturday. We still have a lot of concrete cuts to pour and rolling to do though.