Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Project update end of the year

Today is 12-27-16 and we are at about the 8 week mark for the new irrigation system installation. The weather has certainly caught up with us.  We have had over 6"of rain so far in December which we normally have about 4.5".  The holes that have been completed are #'s 10-18.  The pipe wire and heads are in the ground with the exception of the PG and a out of play area around the irrigation pond.  
We are getting close to completing the B-9 and switching over to the F-9.  We have a few projects that are still lingering before we do that though; re pouring cart paths, burying spoils that are too rocky to reuse, seeding the water diversion construction area, removing a few stumps, rolling all of the trench lines, and some sod projects.  
We are still waiting on the last section of our wet well to be delivered so that we can start working on the pump station.  hopefully we will have it up and running by the end of January.  Our head count should be close to about 800 installed currently.