Friday, January 20, 2017

I got a new toy

I am now a proud drone owner and operator.  If you have spoken to me on the subject, I had purchased a GPS based drone 18 months ago from a startup company by the name of Lily.  Well, I found out last week that the company couldn't secure the final round of financing and went the way of the Dodo bird.  Plan B.  I went out and bought the DJI Phantom 3 drone this week.  I think that it will provide some really cool vantage points to the golf course.  I have had it out of the box and up in the air twice now trying to learn how to fly.  I have attached some of my amateur footage below.  Enjoy!

Irrigation system update 1-20-17

Well the first part of 2017 has not been kind to us between the rock and the rain.  Last night we got 1.5" of rainfall onto an already saturated golf course.  The last 8 months have truly been feast or famine with regards to precipitation. 
On the plus side we are officially making the flip from front nine to the back nine for golf play tomorrow.  Unfortunately, we are forecast to get 0.5" of rainfall both days this weekend.  On the negative side we will be primarily Cart Path Only for the next 2 months.
We started piping on the front nine this week.  We have run into some rock on #8, as expected, and it has slowed the main line progress a little.  On the flip side the heads and lateral lines have been installed on #8 and most of #9.  The 2nd 10" main line that goes by the practice green got stalled by a big rock that we were not expecting.
In the positive column we have the completed wet well which looks like a small rock mountain.  I am hoping to pour a pad on it next week.  That's just one step closer to installing the, still unnamed, pump station. 
Also, we got the first and largest road bore completed yesterday.  It is the main trunk line, 12", from the pump station to #13.  We have 4 more to complete. 
We changed some of the concrete entrances and exits to roadways.  They used to be a 45 degree curb and gutter to cart path.  Now they are a more gentle transition from road to path and vice versa.  Also, we have been repairing some areas of the path that were really bad in the past.