Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bunker Renovation

Well, it's starting to warm up out there. The Bermuda is starting to break dormancy. The practice tee is now open for use. We have one big project that we need to finish before we really get into the heat of the year, finish rebuilding the 4 bunkers on our list. I know it has seemed slow, but there was some visual progress made today. The green side bunker on #10 got drainage, liners and sand installed today.

Getting back to the slow part. The reason it seems like it is very slow is that the drainage and the floor sub grade is the most important part of a bunker. The floor of the bunker dictates the contour of the sand in the bottom of the bunker. If it is pitted we end up with pockets of heavy sand versus areas of thin sand, which will hold moisture differently and in turn play differently. The drainage is the most important part of the bunker. Inadequate drainage is not an option. However, I am trying a new type of drainage system. By new I mean new to me. Typically I would use 4" corrugated pipe covered with 6" of washed aggregate stone. In this run I am going to try using a prefabricated drainage system. The principal is the same it just replaces the aggregate with foam packing peanuts. I am very hopeful that it will work equally compared to the old method. This process takes a while to get right doing it "in house". I do appreciate everyone being patient. We are moving as fast as we can with the project and will finish it soon.

I have added some pictures to better show the subgrade and drainage system.