Friday, August 23, 2013

Rainy Day Jobs

We have had a substantial amount of rainfall this year.  Although it hasn't always been a washout when it has rained it usually gives us some time to work on small projects.  recently on a rainy day we were looking at our Tee Markers.  We loose a couple every year typically near water ways from what we suspect are angry golfers who toss them in the water.  We were making some new ones and started thinking how we could make them better.  We decided to try to make them resemble an arrowhead more than they currently do.  Here is a picture of the prototype.

 We think that they are a more accurate representation of the actual object.  The markers are made of composite deck board that are cut in to the shape of an arrowhead.  then we use an angle grinder to sharpen the edges.  Then we use a stationary grinding stone to add some character to the beveled edges.  The final color will probably end up being a natural grey stone color, not black.  Lastly we took some string line and soaked it in a can of wood stain and used it for the serving string that would connect the arrowhead to the shaft of the arrow.  We have not completely decided how we will distinguish the markers from one another.  But we are leaning towards a dot of color on the side about 1.5" in diameter located on the cart path side of the marker. 
Please remember that a lot of hard work goes into most of the materials that we have out on the course.  So, please treat it kindly.  Don't hit them with clubs, don't throw them in various locations and Please don't take them home with you.