Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Color of the Greens

You may have noticed some "mood swings" in the color of the greens this winter.  They have lost a lot of their color and all of a sudden they will be back to the nice green color that we all like to see.

During these colder weather patterns and low daylight periods the bentgrass can actually get close to a dormancy period if nothing is done to keep it active.  Over the last few weeks we have had horrible weather for our area.  It has been exceptionally cold and wet.  If it is wet than that means that there was probably overcast conditions.  Which means that the greens can't get the proper amount of sunlight that they need on days with limited windows of sunlight.  when these conditions occur we will start to lose color. 

We get the bounce back by applying a fertilizer combination.  Typically I will apply a nitrogen based fertilizer with iron.  The nitrogen gets the plant up and moving a bit.  The iron is responsible for giving the nice green color back to the plant. 

So, if you notice the greens starting to dull in appearance, just wait a bit I'm sure they will be green again before you know it.